Sunday, September 9, 2007

Web 2.0

The video received it's name because it was an upgrade to the previous web. The web is constantly improving and changing. This video was made to display the changes from what was thought of as the world wide web. These changes now show that anyone can have an affect on the web just by typing something. People can now change information and add to existing material, but also more people are able to view what has been changed. This affects someone who is ready to enter the workforce by allowing he or she to post information about his or herself. Instead of having to compile a resume by hand and basically go business to business in search of a job, the resume can be online for employers all over to see. Businesses can search through resumes to decide exactly which person to hire. Web 2.0 affects people already in the workforce to post stronger resumes with relation to job experience. However people already in the workforce may not be ready or not know how to use the web to find a job, thus it could affect if work is found for them. The message "rethink everything" is a statement to everyone that what was once thought of as a way of communication is a thing of the past. The constant change of the web allows for a flow of different types of information from each person. The new way of communication can affect everything we do and that is done around us. Everything can now be done faster from finding out the weather for tomorrow to discovering the price to fly to another country. The old way of thinking and going about different everyday things is obsolete now that everything is at the proverbial fingertips. With this change comes different security measures. Access to the web is open to just about everyone and so is everything in it. New precautions are having to be taking to protect each person's livelihood. Overall, the web has enabled everyone better access to everything there is to imagine. With this new web there is potential to transcend into something that was not possible years ago.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hello everyone, my name is Carson Steen. I am a first semester junior at Clemson University, and I am majoring in Accounting. I chose Accounting as my major because I enjoy working with numbers and managing personal finance. I am from Lancaster, SC and for those of you who do not know where that is, it is located right below Charlotte. I have played sports my entire life. I enjoy soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and tennis. I play intramural ultimate frisbee and I would like to get more involved in other intramural sports. This past summer I worked as an intern controller for a textile company. The job helped me learn more about reconciling business and bank statements, and also how to manage accounts payable and receivable. Working as a team is important because is done faster, but most importantly, it is more effective to have more than one mind working on a project. Team members can share ideas and projects in turn are better. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in English 304.